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Part #KRYA00941000


Uses: All types of maintenance and production welding, construction and body shops

Manufacturer: Krylon Industrial
Dry Weld Spatter Protectant
Price: $54.48 Box (12)

Sprayon® WL™ 941 Dry Weld Spatter Protectant, MC Free, is a powder formula that dries to a white film. Prevents spatter from sticking to metal surfaces during welding. Just brush or wipe off residue after welding. Does not contain silicone. Surface may be painted after use. WL™ 941 Dry Weld Spatter Protectant's formulation does not contain Methylene Chloride.

Special Features:

  • HFR Rating - 2,2,0
  • Methylene Chloride Free
  • Talc Base
  • Quick Dry Time - 5 min
  • Easy Removal
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Prevents base metal spatter
  • 16 oz. Aerosol